Last updated: 9.30.03
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Who is One-21?

If you're visiting the site, it's likely you already know the answer to this, but here we go anyway: One-21 is the premier purveyor of all-American Punk Rock today. They hail from Philadelphia, PA and are currently signed to Facedown Records. The music is second to none, drawing from many roots in rock'n'roll and old school punk rock, such as the Clash or the Who. Their lyrics draw from their strong faith in Christ, and often from strong commentary on the politics and culture of the United States of America, and on the modern world in general.



The Unofficial One-21 Message Board is up and running. Talk to other One-21 fans, vote for your favorite songs or albums, have a good time. If you have any trouble with it, email me and I will try to tweak it or get it fixed.


The site is now live! If you came looking for information about one-21, I hope you enjoy it. To give me feedback, visit the mail page. Thanks for dropping by!


Grenade is due to be released on October 14th. You can preorder it and get it by Oct. 1st, check out facedown records' website for more information.


I went and made this site because One-21's official site hasn't been updated since Nov. 2002, and when I went there today, none of the links worked at all. One-21 is a great band, far better than your favorite band, so, since I like to make web sites anyway, I made this one. Enjoy. Or don't come back.