Last updated: 9.30.03
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As strange as it is to write someone else's bio, here goes. Kenny Klein and Tom Manns were in a band in 1994 called Uzziah. They played some shows, and they had a demo called Spacedog. I'm not sure how long they were together; you'd have to ask them.

At any rate, from the ashes of Uzziah, One-21 was born. This is also the origin of the name of the first EP (aside from the more obvious fact that it's a phrase from the book of Isaiah, the point of reference being a time when God began to speak to Isaiah. Sorry, too deep....).

They recorded a 10-song demo soon after they started. According to the graydot records page that is still online (for some weird reason -- though I'm glad it is, b/c it has a lot of information), it was this that helped them get their song onto Boot to Head's Trampled compilation, as well as getting the JxIxSx 7-inch pressed. The original line-up was:

I don't know how much later it was, but Kris Klein was to join as a second guitar player not too long after.

Eventually Paul went his way to pursue other things, and Adam Garbinski of Squad 5-0 stepped in as a temporary replacement.

Having been signed to Facedown for something like two years now, one-21 seems to be doing better than ever. The two advance tracks from Grenade on the Facedown Family Sampler are fantastic.

I will add to this page, the pics page and the main news page with any appropriate material that I come across. So, if you have some great pictures, or happen to hear of some one-21 news that is not posted here, hop over to the Email page and drop me a note. Also, if anyone has copies of the Flying Tart Memorial Sampler, whatever that was, I'd like to add an image of the album cover to the Discography page. Scan a picture and email it to me, if you can. Thanks!


Kenny Klein and

Interview with the band, by The Underground.

Interview with Vince Radcliffe, from the Hardcore Hix ezine.

Have an interview? Send it over.

Here's my time to confess: I interviewed one-21 in Minneapolis in 2002. I subsequently typed it up, then gave the tape back to the fellow who owned the tape recorder. Then I promptly crashed my whole operating system not too long after while upgrading from Windows 95 (ewww) to Windows 2000 (still ew, but not so much). So, that interview is lost. If I ever find that a hardcopy is saved, I will add it to this site.


One-21's page at Facedown Records.

Facedown MP3's, including one from the One-21 Self-titled album.

For good measure, here's Facedown Records.

This is the old graydot One-21 page.

I suppose a link to Squad 5-0 would be all right, seeing as how Kris Klein is now a member. Their page is quite flashy now (no pun intended). I guess I'm a throwback, but Fight the System is still the reason I love Squad 5-0. That and seeing them live. Almost as good as One-21.

Thee Pirates. It's an old website, but it's still there. Writers of the song "Building Better Bombs".

The Blackjacks. Formerly Thee Pirates. Their current site.